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Passion. Experience. Insight. 

Why Design Thinking Denver?

Passion. Design Thinking Denver is passionate about working with teams and organizations of all types and sizes to uncover innovation and make demonstrable improvements to processes, products, and services. We move beyond being a "good idea factory" into actually "getting something done." Whether our partners are in Colorado, Texas, Spain, or Australia; Design Thinking Denver applies our own unique combination of Mile High attitude and the proven, human-centered approach to your challenges and opportunities. Design Thinking with a Western flair! 

Experience. Design Thinking Denver Guides have decades of experience in national security organizations, startups, Fortune 500 companies, and academia. With security clearances and in-depth experience in cyber and cybersecurity as well as military and Defense Industrial Base organizations, our Guides bring Design Thinking into organizations operating within the national security sphere and beyond. Design Thinking Denver Guides have worked with non-profits, for profit businesses, and academia with organizations both large and small to tackle their toughest challenges

Insight. "It only works if they use it" applies to cybersecurity and logistics as well as designed processes and products. Design Thinking Denver understands great concepts never implemented (or those resisted by the people who are supposed to implement or abide by them) don't move organizations forward. We partner with our customers and guide them through the design thinking process from user empathy to prototyping and testing and on to implementation by customizing the approach to each customer's unique needs...driving the greatest impact for their organization. By uncovering the rationale behind resistance to implementation, we help organizations develop implementation plans that actually work.


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