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10 Things I Learned About Veteran Entrepreneurs "Veterans operate on a win-win basis for their battle buddies and on the conviction that a rising tide raises all boats." by Joe Hark Herold

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Stanford dSchool featured resources approach to design thinking

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right: Design Thinking and the Goldilocks Protocol by Dr. Sarabeth Berk, CU Boulder


Design Thinking and Cybersecurity

I recently had the opportunity to talk to a group of eager cybersecurity professionals, most of them just entering the field, about the importance of keeping people in mind as they go on to  develop and implement cybersecurity solutions. We (cyber professionals) seem to want to focus on technical solutions to our cybersecurity challenges and too often ignore the biggest security risk our organizations face -- the people who use our systems. As we develop solutions, let's keep in mind that people are our biggest cybersecurity risk...and opportunity! If we develop our solutions so that they resonate with people (or are invisible to them), we can significantly improve our organizations' cyber risk profile without just chasing the latest technology.