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10 Things I Learned About Veteran Entrepreneurs "Veterans operate on a win-win basis for their battle buddies and on the conviction that a rising tide raises all boats." by Joe Hark Herold

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Too Big, Too Small, Just Right: Design Thinking and the Goldilocks Protocol by Dr. Sarabeth Berk, CU Boulder


Technology-centered solutions are insufficient for cybersecurity

In discussions recently with Dr. Tony Kern of Convergent Performance, we discussed yet again how technology-centered approaches to cybersecurity will always fall short. Depending on which articles you read, 90%-95% of cybersecurity issues revolve around human actions or inactions, yet we (cybersecurity professionals) always want to reach for technology solutions to our cybersecurity challenges. Dr. Kern's article (link below) provides great insight into the human factors elements of cybersecurity. I encourage you to read it and give consideration to how human factors (human experiences and emotions) can play into making your organization's cybersecurity more effective. Cybersecurity - The Race That Can't Be Won