Design Thinking Denver

Services - 22 Oct 17

Design Thinking partners with teams and organizations looking for radical improvements.




Intrigued by how design thinking might be applied to your organization's challenges, but not sure what it really is?  We can provide a 2-4 hour executive experience, guiding your leadership team through the process to understand its power and how it can be leveraged by your organization to make radical change.

design thinking Executive Experience (Customized)

Want an introductory experience for your leadership team focused on a challenge you are currently facing? One that shows more directly the power of design thinking as applied to your challenges? We also offer a 1/2 day executive experience which can be tailored to your team or industry.


Confident you can implement, but just need to break away from "the way we've always done it" with incremental improvements? The design sprint is a 3-5 day focused engagement, guiding a team through a specific challenge, focused on delivering radical improvement opportunities your team can implement to improve internal and external customer experiences.


Interested in a combination of the above or something a little different?  Contact Design Thinking Denver for a consultation on how design thinking principles can move your team into new realms.


Looking for someone to work with you through the implementation process to ensure radical improvements actually take hold and become part of your organization's way of doing business? A design engagement leveraging the "Adaptive Leadership" framework, coupled with the design thinking approach is your best bet to move beyond good ideas and into making things real.